Breakthrough Anti-Cheat systems


What does Companion offer


With our intelligent system, we are capable of doing more work than most of our competitors.


Your data is as safe as it can be with Companion, we use the latest methods to protect your information.


We prioritize efficiency in our software by using the fastest algorithms available.


Thanks to our CDN and our powerful servers, expect us to never go offline.


Our products are made with quality in mind. We do this by optimizing our products to the max for every system of any kind.


From our AntiCheat to our Screenshare Tool rest assured, we detect a lot of cheats and methods that some don't.

Server side

Our software is heavily server-sided to prevent most attacks, this benefits us in many ways compared to others.


Companion supports nearly every version of usable Windows and soon to work on MacOS.


Our entire team is experienced with everything we touch. Written by a team with respect for all with unique and smart ideas in mind. Thanks to our products being server-sided we can do more than ever with our software. All information gets automatically cleared whenever our products finish analyzing data.


Making the most configurable software around. Our Anti-Cheat and Screenshare Tool have some of the best features around.


All of our products are simple and easy to use, no more confusion.

Keep your network protected

Keep your network protected with our latest and greatest technologies to provide to the market. Without any hassle, at all, we stop ~80% or more of cheats on your network.

Multiple Products

Using all of our products on your network would benefit your network in plenty of ways.


Creating new detection methods and patching cheats from your network on the daily. Constant updates along with these amazing features.


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Unique software

Easy to use

Priority support

Unlimited Scans

Fantastic Detections